Resin bound driveways

An example of our resin bound paving in Chelmsford

What are the benefits ?


  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Permeable (SUDS)
  • seamless
  • decorative
  • Low maintenance
  • Fade resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Non slip
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Environmentally friendly


What is resin bound ?


Resin bound surfacing is formed on site by mixing decorative coloured stones with a two part epoxy resin. It is troweled down and leveled onto a prepared surface by our approved installers to a smooth seamless finish

is fast becoming the most popular choice for domestic driveways, patio, paths etc due to the many benefits.


What We Offer

  Our resin bound driveways come in a variety of colours and designs to suit your property surroundings and personal taste, 

Decorative paving, lettering, numbers and logos can be incorporated into your resin surface detailed with fabricated aluminium edging giving off a clean contemporary finish 

Manhole can be blended  in with your new drive, steps, walling, fences, real & fake grass can be incorporated  giving you a perfect finish to enjoy

Incorporated manhole covers


Finishing Touches


Eye-Catching Designs


Bespoke boundaries




Real & Fake Grass


Installation methods


Resin Bound Drives can be installed using different methods of installation to suit your project and the budget you have. We offer 3 types of bases for our resin bound driveway installations.

Reinforced concrete bases are the most affordable type of drives we offer due to lower material costs, our concrete bases are laid  on top of a sub base to allow stability.  Resin bounded aggregate is then applied over the base. This is a semi permeable installation due to the concrete not being permeable, therefore surface water is diverted into the surrounding flower beds or connected into the storm drains.

Open graded permeable tarmac bases are laid on top a permeable sub bases, resin bounded aggregate is then trowed down to a perfect finish. Due to all substrate layers being permeable surface water can travel through the paving back into the water table below. This type of installation is compliant with SUDS (sustainable urban drainage systems) so is the required specification for driveway extensions and new build projects These type of driveway structures are also the perfect choice if you live on a flood plane, in urban areas, have damp issues or properties where the ground is back falling towards the house. As well as this its environmentally friendly, helping to reduce the already over worked drains.

Ecogrid bases are our most popular method of driveway installation due to the flexibility the grids offer, working together with our flexible resin bound toppings allowing both the substrate layers some movement under heavier than normal axle weight pressure.

The individual cells in the grid spread the weight load preventing cracking and ruts on the well as lets the surface water through.

When the Ecogrid system is installed its laid on to a a Permeable grit base and retained with permeable stone,  Resin bounded aggregate is then troweled down to a seamless finish.

Ecogrid is German manufactured, TUV, RAL CE & NATO Approved. This paving system  can be used for all types of installations from pedestrian walkways to lorry parks  and even tested by NATO to give you some idea of it`s strength capability's.

Essex permeable surfaces Ltd are approved Ecogrid installers and are happy to advice you on any upcoming projects you have.


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