What is SUDS ?

In natural environments, rain falls on permeable surfaces and soaks into the ground; a process called through infiltration.

In urban areas where many surfaces are sealed by buildings and paving, natural infiltration is limited. Instead, drainage networks consisting of pipes and culverts, divert surface water to local watercourses. In some cases, this has resulted in downstream flooding and deterioration in river water quality caused when foul sewers are overwhelmed by surface water resulting in the release of dirty water into our rivers. 

Guidance on the permeable surfacing of front gardens

In 2008 SUDS legislation was brought in as a response to the number of people who were converting their front gardens into driveways. In turn this contributed towards more flash flooding , Sustainable drainage systems was introduced to alleviate these problems by storing or re-using surface water at source, by decreasing flow rates to watercourses and by improving water quality.  

Because of this, planning permission is now required for new hard standing areas in front gardens over 5 square meters. So, if you were extending the area or have a new build project using impermeable surfaces like concrete, tarmac and most concrete paving methods (as well as non permeable sub base and bases materials), planning permission is required.

The Solution

Essex Permeable Surfaces Ltd are experts in our field in the design and installation of Load bearing Driveways, built to last and guaranteed to stand up to its purpose and the elements around us. Our driveways are constructed using specialist aggregate blends that are complaint of SUDS and environmentally friendly due to the surface water naturally flowing through the surface, eliminating puddles.

As well as being permeable, the aggregate materials we source are screened, regulated and compliant with SUDS. When manufactured, they are sorted into a ratio of different size particles, specially designed to interlock with each other. The small particles fill the voids, offering more stability than any other constructed base or sub bases available.

Due to higher demand and us sourcing larger volumes of aggregates , we are able to compete with 95% of all other Professional driveway company's who still offer traditional and impermeable methods of driveway construction, At Essex Permeable Surfaces we offer a more superior material, tried and tested and used on our roadways and paths,. Due to the robust substrates and installation methods we use, We can offer a 10 year guarantee against all defects including cracking, sinking, ruts and all workmanship. There are different options for base and sub bases, depending on your requirements and budget. furthermore, we provide different permeable surfacing options  for your individual required taste, including Resin Bound Surfacing, Permeable Block Paving and the Eco-grid stabilized gravel system or loose gravel drives. 


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